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. Whether you have a small area of decay, or a large dental problem, you will be given treatment options designed just for you and your specific dental health concern.

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Gum Health

Your gums and your body talk.The health of your gum tissues can affect the entire health of your body. We offer treatments specific to the health of the tissues surrounding your teeth. Gail and Tanna have exceptional options available to aid you in your health goals.

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Dentures / Partials

Replacement of many teeth. Sometimes the need arises when a denture or partial is required. Uncontrolled periodontal disease, rampant decay. Dentures and partials can be used to provide chewing capability.

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Bonded Restorations

Tooth colored fillings can match your teeth.
Bonded restorations are tooth colored fillings made by using a special dental resin.

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Getting you out of pain, and keeping your tooth.
People experiencing an abscess can keep an infected tooth if it is treated early enough to save the tooth.

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Straighten your teeth in a wireless way.
You will love the convenience of invisalign®. This method for straightening your teeth with no wires will be the most convenient way to straighten your teeth.

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Professional recare for your gum and body health.
Education and treatment tailored to your specific situation to aid you in your quest toward complete health with bacterial reduction.

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Intra-Oral Camera (IOC)

See your mouth like your dental professional does.
We are happy to show you what is happening in your mouth, you will find that you can understand your dental and oral health easier when you can see it clearly when we use an intraoral camera.

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Botox® Cosmetic

We offer Botox® Cosmetic just for you!
If you're noticing more unwanted frown-lines, crow's feet, or forehead wrinkles, speak with us confidently. We may have a simple solution for you that will be surgery free.

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Fix your tooth for strength. Have a long-lasting repair.
The best way to repair a tooth that is severely damaged by decay, cracks, or breaks is with a crown made of esthetic materials to match your teeth.

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Dental Implants

Replace missing teeth safely.

Your smile is important to you, and having a space or loosing a molar for chewing is critical to you and for your health. When you look to correct these issues, you will find that we are ready to put you at ease with a dental implant.

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Say Goodbye to the lines with Restylane®
Dermal fillers add volume and fullness to the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds).

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Quicker, instant results, better images.
Dental technology has provided our office with the ability to view your x-rays on a computer.

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Making your brighter and nobody will know it.
We can make custom trays for you to use to whiten your smile and give you a healthy-youthful appearance.

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